Global World Ltd.

Global World Ltd. is one of the best company at Dhaka, Bangladesh. We were established as a Limited Company in 2011 and engaged Export-Import, Trading, Supplying, Real Estate, Marketing, Tender, Indenting, etc. Business. Global World Ltd. is a leading Trading House at Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are a highly regarded Import & Export Consultancy dedicated to providing various types of products and services. We are specialized in the most exclusive High-end products of Clothes, Natural Rubber, Leather, Leather goods, Jute, Wooden Furniture, Garments stock lot, Fabrics, Fish, Potato, Vegetable, Garments Accessories, Tea, Rice Bran Oil, Aromatic Rice, etc and medical products. We provide efficient services due to our vast network, allowing us to meet most of our customer’s demands with the highest quality possible. Our services include sales, purchases, and issuance of various types of licenses. In this domain, we are recognized as a reliable, cost-effective, and timely service provider. We provide access to various product suppliers and wholesalers, as well as professional counseling in the field, preparation, monitoring, and issuance of all necessary documents under Foreign Trade regulations. We incorporate a customer-focused approach, ensuring effective communication and customer loyalty, while applying a service program that serves the needs of both our suppliers and buyers.
We also import Baby Diaper, Tissue Paper, Soap Noodles, Foil Paper, various food items like Coffee, Skim Milk Powder, Macaroni, Noodles, etc. Global World Ltd. has expert advice and personal that are experienced Engineers, efficient Technicians, professional commercial departments,s and challenging decision-makers with Port Management.
Global World Ltd. is a customer-oriented service company and focused on quality work. Our vision is to maintain standards and excellence in our service. Our team emphasizes the requirement of customers and giving high priority to customer’s concepts. We always assure a very high quality of workmanship and at the same time maintaining the time schedule strictly.

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